Banking And Securities

Banking has transformed the Indian Infrastructure and Urbanization in all respect. Large scale projects, rural and agricultural developments were possible in last 50 years for extraordinary contribution from the Banks and Financial Institutions

Today being regulated through set of rules by RBI and squeezing profit margins, Investors and stake holder expectations have raised pressure on execution of banking business in India. Also to comply with the Foreign exchange and doing business with International agencies put Banking operations with stringent compliances and require utmost attentions for choosing the funding options and accepting the investments in current volatile currency markets.

Securities also have same risk assessment wherein banks and financial institutions do not predict the abnormal demand supplies gap and hence may lend up in bigger losses. Gold trading volatility and real estate business recession in India in recent years are fantastic case studies and those have affected many investors keeping banking operations as victim and extreme negative profit centre being an intermediary – funding agency.

New budget has proposed Financial Inclusion Mission, Long Term Infrastructure Loans, raised fund limit for Banks from market with minimum regulatory pre-emption such as CRR, SLR and Priority Sector Lending (PSL), framework for licensing small banks and other differentiated banks. Differentiated banks serving niche interests, local area banks, payment banks etc. are contemplated to meet credit and remittance needs of small businesses, unorganized sector, low income households, farmers and migrant work force.

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