Angel Investments

Angel investors invest in small startups or entrepreneurs. The capital angel investors provide may be a one-time investment to help the business propel or an ongoing injection of money to support and carry the company through its difficult early stages.

‘CompAxed’ bring various angel investors to expand business for various Start Ups with good track record for the Initial / Seed Stage data / Sound Business Expansion Plans with Execution Strategies, Exit Plans and to build a brand in a very short span or to accelerate respective business Units in line with the projections.

‘CompAxed’ is a deal maker including Transaction Advisory Services with most important aspect of matching the Financial Expectations, Value System and Possible Synergies, Realistic Valuation Justifications and Methodologies to make a win-win situation between Startup’s and Individual Angel Investors. We support individually / both to get desirable deal as per mandates signed for achieving the desired end resultant.

Angel investors are always from entrepreneurial background who are sharp in any of the New Business and are willing to take risks but ‘CompAxed’s reviewed entities are more preferable to them for the long-term relations and trust they are carrying for ‘CompAxed’ which is going to be a success story in all the cases.

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