Telecommunication And Media

Days were there when people started using the basis services of the Mobile and Telephone with data communications in 2010. Now it’s the most & must technology from Metro city user to a villager / low income worker irrespective of the pricing of the products and services.

Cost vs volume has changed the scenario of the Telecommunication sector in a big way. Trade off and change in forced policies by wired network operator is clear indication of the massive competition from the Mobile operators and other internet service providers (Data Card / Wi Fi Zones).

Also, competitions within the telecommunication sector are best example of the technological revolutions and reach to the Market. e.g. Call prices per minute in 2010 vs call price per minute today are comparable with the volume of subscriber in 2010 vs volume by today. (Few examples are – No roaming in certain circles, Data Plan by Plug in Devices, Mobile Portability, Night Free Calls by Land Line Companies).

Sustained Technological Innovation for specified time lines is a serious concern for this industry. Ruling out of the SMSs by other applications like WhatsApp, New smart phone applications with extra features, promotional packages for free for certain period and then compulsive payable addictive schemes, changing policies of the government with much of the SCAM threats and sometimes even changing the state and central Governments are pain for the strategist of this sector, because no one know that when some new technology / set of offerings may kill his / her current business blue print!

Media is upgraded version of communication, wherein NEWS channels, press reports and Journals exchange the crucial information in such a way that they impact the business in big way. Consider the health care companies and food process companies which are always regulated by Government but more by the Media to keep the quality, standards and deliverables intact and always up to the mark by maintaining the Brand equity and Brand Image in the Market Place.

COMPAXED team is having extensive expertise in the same sector and helping the client to achieve his long term and medium-term goals with business sustainability.

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