Training And Development

Manpower is the basis need for any Industry even if they run with 95% robotic processes!

Skilled manpower requirement is a must and mandatory factor for becoming competitive and sustainable in current stiff and highly competitive environment.

External and in-house training institutes bring in the talent pool with new techno savvy and fresh people, who help to minimize the process time and input costs and ultimately the bottom line of the company improves drastically. At the same time, the retention of these people and their continuous development is major challenge for the companies.

Now a day the fresh talent pool wants to diversify the work and interest separately. Even though they are engaged initially with one specific assigned function, it is prime responsibility of the functional head to see the interest of the man power in specific field and assess the result v/s cost of manpower training & development in house or by external sourced training engagements. We believe that this gives a boost to an employee and golden opportunity to employing company to exploit his / her hidden potential.

Large PSUs and Ethical companies are having employees with more than 20 years to 30 years of span with one stretch. That is because of Ethics and Values as per strategists and HRD of those companies. But I strongly believe that those retentions are because of the freedom of employees to choose variety of training and development programs and ask to company an opportunity to work with his / her interest verticals with no worries of changed culture / environment / risk free new assignment. Basically, it is proven formulae that when interest and job description matches, success is bound to remain with that individual and hence for that company.

Technology has changed the Education industry a lot. Virtual class rooms, online educations have broken the barriers of the countries. Distance Learning Business volume has grown substantially in last 1 decade and growing with faster pace to cater Indian rural regions.

COMPAXED continuously strives to give best in this continual learning, training & development sectors from service receiving end (Companies) and service rendering (Training & Development Institutes, In House HRD sections) and to the Government for best class education for all.

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