Current deficit in the Energy is a sample for the futuristic condition of the globe for Power Requirement in 2025, 2030 and 2050.

To promote and reduce the carbon emission in the atmosphere, many countries have short term and long term plans for adding the renewable energy in terms of %age of the total power usage.

Upper cap defined by countries is 20% and minimum is 5% till 2025 by most of the countries.

Solar Power and Wind Energy are the verticals, which are most popular business segments leaving behind the Bio Mass, Hydel and Geo Thermal energy, whose models are proven with feasibility and financial returns approaches.

COMPAXED supports various Developers, Governments, Policy makers, Individual Power producers, Utilities, Power Exchanges, Certifying Authorities and Investors in Green field projects. Our knowhow for the Green project development gives us many projects.

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