Industrial Capital Goods

We feel that Capital goods sector is the base of many industries and thus is an essential component of manufacturing. With a total market size of US$ 92 billion and production valued at US$ 32 billion, Capital Goods sector today, contributes to 12% of India’s manufacturing output and 1.8% to GDP. The capital goods industry employ.s 1.4 million of people and is estimated to employ 2.8 million by 2017. Although there is a potential of propelling the sector to approximately INR 7 lakh crore over the next 4- 5 years, the sector is currently facing insufficient off-take due to lack of domestic and global demand

Business term of ‘More risk more returns’, which mostly applicable to the ‘Capital Goods’ industry mainly because of the High Cost. They require selection of the same and allied components for following few reasons:

‘CompAxed’ team has extensive work experience in the fields of Civil, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Electrical, Hydro Power Plant, Thermal Power Plants, Roads and Buildings, Chemical and Pharmacy sector, Garments, Forging Industry, Steel Industries, Industries where these ‘Capital Goods’ have great presence and act as a life line for respective business.

‘CompAxed’ minutely guide the client for the selection to life cycle of the project and help client for the cost optimization and reliability.

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