Asset Management

Concepts of Insurance and Stock investment have been slowly replaced by the Mutual Funds, Private Equity and Wealth Management investments.

Tight profit margins with defined dead line and committed returns compel the fund managers to devise the folio in highly competitive manner. Last couples of years equity linked folios had short falls and exits scenes by sensitive investors without reinvestment, where other investors are losing the confidence of loyal investors in the same Mutual fund agencies.

Executives of these three verticals require consultation in understanding the market volatility, Investor attractiveness for investments with many available options with different tenures, risk assessment, Emerging Companies with innovations in products, services, concepts and ROI, changing macro factors, Regulatory environments and its impact on structured fund, options for the portfolio management and average out analytics, Managing the distribution structures with interlocks for the sustained frame works.

‘CompAxed’ serves to Mutual Fund, Private Equity firms and Wealth Management companies and having proven track record for the ‘Customer Satisfaction’.

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